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June 12, 2009

PODCAST: Bob Log III interview, Part 2

Put Your Shit on My Leg. Photo:

Here's the second part of the interview: Podcast part 2
(There's actually no need to listen to these in order)

More photos of the gig after the break.

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PODCAST: Bob Log III interview, Part I

Boob Scotch. Photo:

Bob Log III might not be at FRF09, but as a festival alumnus and a one-man guitar party, he'll always have a place in my heart. Tuesday, June 9 he played a gig in Taipei, and the next afternoon I caught up with him for this interview before he got too drunk and wandered off to the sauna. This interview is in two parts and will also air on Radio Taiwan International, but I'd like to offer it up here as what is possibly this blog's first ever podcast. (BTW, if there is some way to have this streaming, let me know.)

Podcast: Part 1


June 11, 2009

The Japanese Popstars


Don’t be afraid! The Japanese Popstars are not a supergroup of egomaniacal AVEX and Johnny’s artists headed by Ayu, Koda Kumi, and the KinKi Kids doing some sort of perverse “We Are The World” benefit for starving nailists.

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June 10, 2009

Cobra Starship


I like bands who don't take themselves too seriously.

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June 9, 2009

Expect new stuff from Simian Mobile Disco


Two years ago, the English duo of DJ rocked the Red Marquee. This summer the two James are back in Japan for Fuji Rock and you better be prepared to dance non-stop if you come over watch them. The band from London might also bring along few surprises and give the chances to our fellow Fujirockers the chance to ear few of their new tracks.

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Dregs Preview


As part of their "World Is Yours" tour, Mass Of The Fermenting Dregs will be playing at Shimokitazawa Shelter this Thursday night...

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June 8, 2009

Sunny Day Service


There should be lots of twenty and thirty something girls hanging around Field of Heaven on Sunday afternoon to see the reformed Sunny Day Service play it’s trademark unpretentious, lost-in-the-70s guitar pop. It’s funny: I have met so many Japanese girls who happen to be into bands like Mogwai and My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth that just can’t get enough of Sunny Day Service. Maybe this is what you need to listen to after a few hours of being morose, like coming up music, instead of coming down.

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Clap your hands for an encore


Who’s touring this summer is a straightforward formula according to the UK’s Guardian who describes it as: Proximity of latest album release + ( Current Popularity x Number of Hits) + Band Willingness. Fuji performers amongst the Guardian’s top 10 list of busy bands this summer include: Franz Ferdinand and Lily Allen (both with 21 gigs), Kaiser Chiefs (18), and the Killers (17).

With this in mind, it comes as a complete shock that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah were added to the Fuji Rock line-up. Not only do they not have a new record in the pipeline, they even went so far as to cancel a much publicized recording session back in January of this year.

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June 5, 2009

Lily Allen Coming to Fuji Rock

Smashing Mag's got photos up from Lily Allen's gig last night in Osaka. According to the site, during her show she said that she'll be playing Fuji Rock this summer.

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Hey Ho, Let's Go


One day left to reserve your pre-booked tickets for Fuji Rock Festival 2009. Regular ticket sales start tomorrow, 6 June 2009.


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