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June 23, 2009

A little more EYE


Maybe the experience of watching the eclipse at see will inspire more than just sonic madness from EYE. Some may know that he is an artist as well, and currently has a show on in Tokyo.

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Eye in the sky

Given his mercurial nature as a musician and human specimen, it's nearly impossible to predict what Boredoms/Vooredoms front man Eye Yamatsuka will "perform" for his Planet Groove set at the Red Marquee Friday night. But he will have just returned from a very unusual cruise that should prove inspiring for an artist of his peculiar temperament.

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June 22, 2009

Immaculate Reception


So I was halfway through writing a post on Holy Fuck, but since Dom beat me to it, let me just recommend a great live session they did for Dublab last year.


Old Schoolers

The first time I saw Asakusa Jinta, I knew they were Fujirock material.

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Introducing: Funeral Party


One of the late additions to the line-up is Funeral Party from East Los Angeles. Relative unknowns to many – they’ve only released a 3-song EP called “Bootleg”- the band are getting lots of attention and big time management as somebody must have figured out they sound a lot like that other youth dance party sensation, MGMT.

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June 21, 2009

Holy fuck, it's Holy F!


I have a bit of a thing for bands whose names you can't say on the radio.

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It's raining again...


You'll regret that you didn't bring wet weather gear along if it rains, but you won't regret that you did if it doesn't.

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Bad Brains and The Gaslight Anthem Rock and Refresh You


The Gaslight Anthem and Bad Brains will draw large crowds of grooving bodies to the White Stage on Saturday, July 25. Many audience members will be seeking refreshment after what will hopefully be scorching sets from both. No doubt a cold The Gaslight Anthem Cream Soda or Bad Brains Rootz Beer would quench their thirst.

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Weezer Will Help Make Fuji Rock Even Greener!


Weezer’s Sunday night Green Stage headlining slot could help strengthen all of the festival site's beautiful, lush plant life.

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You Gotta Sleep At Some Point


While camping is the most cost-efficient option for accommodations at FRF, trying to find a tent amidst a sea of 15,000 or so campers, queuing for lukewarm showers, and sharing portable toilets all weekend long isn’t for all. For those still seeking a hotel, there’s an announcement about the waiting list for cancelled accommodations on the fest’s official English site.

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