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May 25, 2009

Summer + Music Festivals = Awesome

Pitchfork has published a list of all the summer’s coolest music festivals on their web site.

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May 23, 2009

Steve Nieve: Hall of Famer


Steve Nieve is an attraction and an impostor; one of two members of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that are on this year’s bill; and he is likely the only foreigner double-dipping in the chip dip that is Japan’s two major summer festivals: Fuji Rock and Summer Sonic.

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May 22, 2009



For a band with a name that means “beard” in English, you would think all the members of HiGE (pronounced hee- gay, it only looks funny spelled out) might be sporting chin hair of some type, but only one member of this Tokyo quintet actually seems to have a beard. They do have two drummers, though.

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Towa Tei Vidéo en folie


Souvent lorsqu’on me demande la programmation de la prochaine édition de Fuji Rock, le seul truc que les gens veulent vraiment entendre c’est les gros noms de groupes d’étranger. C’est évident que les bands tel qu’Oasis et Weezer vont attirer leur part de fans mais sont-ils aussi relevant encore aujourd’hui ? Le Japon n’est pas sans gros nom aussi! Est-ce qu’il y a quelqu’un qui ne connaît pas Towa Tei ou Tei Towa comme disent les Japonais. Ce dernier est l’une des figures mythiques de la musique de club tant au Japon qu’à l’étranger…

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Diplo à livres ouvert


Qui a dit que la vie d’une rock star devrait être sans morale? Sexe, drogue et rock & roll, non merci pour Diplo. Lorsqu’il s’est fait critiquer de récupérer les rythmes populaires des favelas soit en les incorporant dans l’un de ses remixes soit en produisant d’artistes tel que M.I.A. ou Santigold, le DJ américain originaire de Philadelphie à répliqué aux critiques en mettant sur pied un organisme à but non lucratif pour aider les jeunes. Une belle façon de redonner
Quelque choses de positifs à ceux qui l’on influencés et contribué à enrichir ses horizons musical.

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May 21, 2009

Oasis fights

Oasis have proven pretty skilled at starting squabbles with other bands. The latest is with their tour's support act before the tour even starts.

So I was wondering if we could get something going for Fuji Rock. They've slagged off Franz Ferdinand before, but it's a bit old now. So Liam, if you're reading this... the girls from Mass of the Fermenting Dregs said you're an over-the-hill, irrelevant has-been.

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Ska back at Fuji


The two leaders of Japan's ska scene are back. The Ska Flames and Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra both played the fest in '05, along with Ska Cubano (playing 3 times). Until then, ska was always a genre that was around, but never really poked its head into my world. Since then, I've been listening to everything the Ska Flames have ever recorded.

Ska hit Japan before it ever registered in the States (that, and Mr. Big). Both the Para and the Flames first popped up in 1989 - the Flames with a Gaz Mayall-produced debut album, and Ska Para with an EP. But it was the Paradise Orchestra that took off first, with a reputation for high-tempo live shows. They're probably the more accessible, too, with a bit of a pop edge to the tunes. The Flames produce a much more classic first-wave-of-ska sound.

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Jimmy Eat World


I've always been a corporate rock apologist, but in the absence of FM radio it's mostly been off my radar lately. Which is probably why I didn't notice Jimmy Eat World's last two records, 2004's Futures and 2007's Chase This Light, even though I had been all over the bandwagon for their greatly respected indie-esque Clarity and for the pretty awesome single The Middle from their corporate rock breakthrough Bleed American.

So this here is my gift to you, dear readers: front row seats to my Chase This Light deflowering.

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May 20, 2009

Booker T: Extra Onions, Please


Ok, so I'll admit it. I didn't even know Booker T was still ALIVE until the Fujirock lineup announcement. But then I find out that his new album is fantastic and NOT a retread (!) and that his backing band is the Drive By Truckers (!!)

Links and more after the jump...

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Peaches: Durty Grrrl


Miss Merrill Beth Niske isn't known for either subtlety or restraint. As Peaches, her electro-punk persona, she has dutifully kept her mind in the gutter while reaching for the stars.

More info, links and a few amazing vids after the jump.

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